Urban Survivor

01 hr 54 mins 15 secs
Foreign Feature Film

When leaving work early, Daniel (Andre Di Mauro) witnesses Tony (Toni Garrido) and his gang: Lilith (Naiara Marques), Jonny (Marlos Cruz) and Max (Alexandre Ell) threatening the reporter Erick Mayer (Carlos Bonow) . Erick works at Channel 7 newsroom with fellow Alexia (Ana Carolina Rayon) and Carol (Gardenia Cavalcanti). Channel 7 is commanded by Chief (Bemvindo Sequeira).
Daniel shoots Tony with his cell firing in Erick, but to be surprised by the bad guys, has his life turned upside down.
Daniel happens to be chased by Tony and the police chief Cesar Romero (Luciano Szafir) with his officers (Fernando Sampaio and Fabio Damaso).
The attitude of Daniel ended up putting at risk the lives of his wife Julia (Liège Müller) and his friend Marcos (Déo Garcez).
Now Daniel is willing to do anything to get his life back.

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