Unproduced Scripts | Berlin 2016

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Brave Hearts
Lynda Lemberg
Jeffrey Allen Russel

Humans die standing
Mohsen Azizi

In the Voodoo Parlour of Marie Laveau
M Cristina Beato

Fast Money and French Ladies
Paul Myers

Twirling At Ole Miss
John Matthew Tyson

C5 Brother
Genadijs Dolganovs

Karen Schmidt

In Motion And At Rest
Pawel Grajnert

The Gaze
Martine Allard

Paul Gross

Ark of Dreams
Stephen Thomas

6th of September
Ionut Gaga

Buenos Aires
Olga Rojer

Acts of God
Reed Moran

Vivek Kumar

The Last Indian War
Michael Graf

Rosalyn Rosen

The Cortex Connection
Dave Danagher

Hold It
Marina Bortnik

The War On Peace
Gary Porpora

Sydney Lloyd Smith

Written by Victors
Martin Castaneda

Double Take
Shell Walker-Cook

Bar None
Shell Walker-Cook

Pluto in the 7th
Narcisa Kovacevic

See You at the Crossroads
Lee Jacob

Mouschi: The Cat Who Lived with Anne Frank
Steve Rubin

Confessions of a Kamikaze Geisha
Michael Cooney

When The Bass Drops
Marlene Rhein

Jonathan Hughes

Songs of Innocence
Cameron Lowe

Humptonville Days Of The Man Eating Trees
Castillo El Bey

Castillo El Bey

Joy Martinello

Shine Your Eyes
Clint Pearson

Haria’s Worlds
Houssein Hijazi

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  • Shell Walker-Cook

    Honored and beyond humbled for inclusion and subsequent nominations of my unproduced full length feature screenplays “Bar None” and “Double Take” by the Berlin International Film Festival. I look forward to attending the Festival and networking these and my newest works with the global INDI film community. I also extend my congratulations to all my fellow screenwriters who stand beside me with their aspiring and enduring works. Mahalo, Shell Walker-Cook