Unforgotten: The Story of Paul Pender

Documentary, Sport
Runtime: 1 hr 2 min 46 sec
Director: Felice Leeds

During boxing’s golden age, Paul Pender overcomes physical adversity to become World Champion. In later life he is misdiagnosed as having Alzheimer’s. After death, however, doctors discovered Paul had been suffering from CTE, the debilitating disease that’s at the forefront of contact sports today, including football, soccer, and hockey. Paul’s disease was so severe that his brain is the ‘index case’ – the brain against which all others are compared.

The real causes of CTE and the risks to young athletes today are revealed in the documentary. Paul’s story serves as both a cautionary tale for what can happen when athletes aren’t properly cared for, as well as a fitting tribute for a man who was known for his intelligence in and outside of the ring.

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