Under the Silence of the Moon – Ami Matthews

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I’m Amilia Matthews and I’ve been with Film Festival International for nearly a year now. My first festival I attended was London in February 2015 and following that, Madrid and Milan over summer. I have learnt a lot and met so many interesting people, it’s brilliant having the opportunity to be surrounded by others who are passionate about the same thing. Talking to other filmmakers and asking questions about their creative processes and obstacles they have conquered is both interesting and informative. Not only was I conversing with individuals in the film industry but having the chance to watch films of such a high standard has given me inspiration and something to strive for.

I am now in my final year of university, studying film and television production and I’m producing our grad film. We currently have a indie gogo campaign which is live. Under the Silence of the Moon is an avant-garde, theatrical short featuring dramatic lighting & handmade sets. A passionate, character driven tale.

You can support our project on Indiegogo by clicking here.

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Ami Matthews


Ami Matthews

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