Two Hearts as One

Foreign Language Feature Film
Runtime: 2 hr 5 min 32 sec
Director: Fatih Gök

1940’s the burning east front of world war 2 .. The fire between u.S.S.R and germany is spreading to north caucasia. Suffering peopleand among them, there is cennet. After her husband was captured, cennet is left all alone with her baby, and as if this was not enough, with the invasion of nazis, she finds herself in prisoner camps in germany. She witnesses lots of things between life and death, but the epic love to her husband and motherly instincts give her the strength to try and bear t he enormous pain. Her adventure, including working camps, evacuations, escapes and deaths comes to end in the middle of nowhere in asia. Cennet waits for 50 years. She awaits her husband with that endless love and little hope in her heart. When the calendars show the 90’s, instead of her husband niyaz, she finds a turkish family.. Yunus, dilek and their children.

They’ve left their cozy home in turkey and have come to the destitute and challenging geography of middle asia. Yunus aims to build a school and raising young trees in that arid land. This can be seen as a crazy dream. He is an eager volunteer of education. But during this exiting voyage he doesn’t realize that his marriage is collapsing. Dilek is a daughter of a wealthy family. She loves her husband, but his unthoughtful fearlessness is hard to tolerate. To live in that poor region, trying to cope with increasing burdens, makes her rethink about marriage. Squeeze in between her heart and her mind, dilek struggles with herself. She doesn’t want to lose her family and those pure feelings. But when she meets cennet, -the monument of patience- she begins to understand. The union of these two hearts unites hundreds of thousands. In fact, this bridge of affection between turkey and middle asia would bring along lots of unexpected events and surprises. Niyaz, who was thought to be dead

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