Foreign Language Feature Film
Runtime: 1 hr 38 min
Director: Joel Lamangan

In 1995, Toshiro, an old Japanese businessman, visits the Philippines to reconnect with Edilberto, a retired Filipino engineer. The reunion rekindles Toshiro’s memory of the friendship they forged as young men in 1938, when he roamed the streets of Edilberto’s hometown in Cavite as an ambulant vendor of assorted goods with unbeatable prices.

Toshiro’s kindness and generosity endeared him to Edilberto’s family and townmates, who fondly called him “Tomodachi” (Nihongo for friend). Most importantly, he also won the heart of Edilberto’s younger sister, the beautiful and headstrong Rosalinda.

The romance was abruptly cut short by the outbreak of World War II. Months after the Japanese occupation of the country, Toshiro returned as an officer of the imperial army. He managed to win back Rosalinda, but their relationship was now at odds with Edilberto’s clandestine activities as a guerrilla supporting the American forces. She would insist on marrying Toshiro despite her brother’s bitter protestations, resulting in her tragic death and a lifetime of guilt and regret for the Japanese.

Half a century later, Toshiro’s reunion with Edilberto to bring closure and the realization that he never stopped loving her.

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