The Lost One

Feature Film
Runtime: 01:32:00
Director: Doug Burch

When Michael is called to Los Angeles to do a ‘job’, he assumes it’s just going to be business as usual. But from the very beginning nothing goes right for him, no matter how much his best buddy Jerry tries to gloss it over.

As the situation around him spins out of control, he tries desperately to stay calm – stay focused and complete his assignment, but deep down the longing, the loss, and the pain, start to surface. As the long supressed demon, rears its ugly head, he can’t deny is own needs and loss of hope.

When true love comes crashing back into his life, he’s left with his own dilemna – to go with his heart and fight for love, or to stay the cold, isolated, lonely man he has become. But fate always has its own agenda as three corrupt detectives close the noose around him with each passing hour, fueled by their own desperate desire to stop him before he exposes them and their illegal dealings.

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Film Fest Webteam

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