The Lady from Satsuma

Foreign Language Short
Runtime: 40 min
Director: María Fernanda Miño Puga

In March, 1967. Reiko Akabane lives a peaceful life with her husband and two year old son, Jun. The story begins when Reiko is united with some former suicide pilots after they suddenly visit her one day. These war buddies, who along with Reiko long for and recall the peaceful good old days spent at Reiko’s mother’s restaurant, drink sake and sing war songs every night at her home. After the boys have drunk themselves unconscious and sleep in the living room, Reiko calls her mother Tome. “Mother, can I come home to Chiran next month?”
Then two years later, Reiko opens her own shop called The Lady From Satsuma in Takadanobaba, Tokyo. Her mother’s words made her decide to follow in her mother’s footsteps. “We are survivors. Those boys are too. Surviving means we must do something with our lives. Do what you can do for them.” Reiko, who had been troubled by what she could do for the survivors, flashes back to remember that she wanted to run a shop like her mother.
Time fast-forwards to 2014. The Lady From Satsuma has been up and running for 45 years. We see the portraits of Tome and Reiko, both deceased. Jun has proudly kept the shop handed down for his grandmother and mother going and tells the tales of the old days to the actors who appear in the film.

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