Success Stories

Thanks for identifying my art. Thanks for mentoring me. Thanks for giving me this platform to grow. Thanks for pushing me to challenge myself. Thanks for making your festival the most wonderful place for me to grow.
I want to make you proud.
Thanks for this outstanding journey.

I’ve been fortunate to have my film, Busted City, accepted and screened at the London, St. Tropez, and Milan film festivals hosted by the filmfestinternational team. The festivals were fantastic networking opportunities and I met fellow film makers from literally every corner of the globe. In France I met Christian Hardy of New Orleans and recruited him to shoot my next film. I also met Henry Davies of England and was happy to see him down in Florida and another festival. And I’ve continued to stay in touch via social media and so forth with dozens of film makers who I’ve truly enjoyed meeting and getting to know. The team hosting  filmfestinternational has been cordial and super friendly and the welcoming atmosphere they foster makes for a terrific event!

Paul Carr

I wanted to write to thank you for your tremendous Film Festival International Events. As an actress , producer and writer I have attended many different festivals throughout the US and Europe including some of the most well known I can honestly say that your festivals have been by far the most enjoyable , informative , affirming ,professionally run events  I am even a bit hooked. First I feel I am greeted like a member of a community or dare I say even family . I have , at other festivals felt timid or lexcluded and that has never been the case at your events. Whether it is one of the friendly staff of FF Int or a fellow filmmaker I am always made to feel most welcome which is so nice as I am generally flying a great distance to be there and arrive pretty tired. The cities where the festivals are held like Madrid, Nice , Milan provide the perfect backdrop as well as a lifetime of good memories. The networking opportunities are extensive. When I leave these festivals it is always with a handful of business cards and big smiles and each festival has resulted in work when I have returned to Los Angeles. The films are of the highest caliber and I have been honored to have received nominations and the award in 2014 for best Supporting Actress in Removed Film ( I felt I was floating on air upon my return.
When I returned home from Nice / St Tropez International Film Festival with a trophy for Jacopo Manfren the director of my film Addiction I actually was amazed at the volume of emails I received from people in the industry with congratulations and offers of work . These nominations and awards have helped to build my reputation and gain confidence from very important people in the film world and for that I am truly grateful.

I attended the IFF St Tropez, and IFF Madrid. I have never met a kinder, and more wonderful group of festival programmers who truly care about the filmmakers and their work. The festivals are directly designed as a hub of creativity and passion, where the festival unconditionally supports the movies. I was able to meet some of the most talented and remarkable filmmakers and spend time with them. I have made life long friends thanks to the people behind IFF; many thanks to Steve Grossmith, Adam Tinnion, Dan Hickford, Ray Davies, Carl Tooney, and Paul Eyres. So much effort goes into creating not only a film festival, but also a wonderful group of programmers, filmmakers and a great selection of movies. Both festivals have been some of the best experiences in my life.

– Matthew Berkowitz (Writer, Director “Wild in Blue”)

By far, The Madrid International Film Festival was my favorite film festival experience. The friends I made, the whole festival experience, and the memories I have will last a lifetime and then some. It is all because of you and this fantastic festival you started. How can I or anyone who has ever been involved behind the scenes, or in the spotlight, ever truly thank you for the chain of outstanding festivals and purpose you have created? It is truly something special and every filmmaker should experience this on some level. I am fortunate enough to say, “I have been fortunate enough, blessed actually, to experience The International Film Festival experience, the people behind the scenes who made me feel at home, and it is has been one of the greatest experiences and trips of my life. Truly I am honored to have been a part of the festival and it’s legacy of outstanding filmmakers. I am happy and honored to have joined them.”

Thank you for all that you have done for me, and my first film, Lords of BSV. It is truly an honor to receive two prestigious awards from Film Festival International. And more over, thank you for creating such a tremendous festival that is built on family values, kindness, dignity and with some of the most outstanding people I have ever met. Your whole team are a reflection of what a tremendous film festival purpose you started. I could not be more appreciative for the hard working group that I have grown to admire and love.

Maria Soccor

Dear Carl, Laraine, Steve, and all:

I want to thank you so much for the extraordinary week of watching beautiful/thought provoking/ important films, as well as connecting to extremely talented global filmmakers and festival staff.

I am still in surprise mode that the film, Mbeti won such a prestigious award.  Yesterday, Mbeti was one of 4 films from other countries that one an award from  International Women in Film and Television.  Wow!

I loved getting to know each of you and being able to speak with you about the films, London, and all.

Thank you for honoring me as a filmmaker as well as holding the film Mbeti:The Road to Kisesini with such high regard.

Good Luck on the next festivals!

We will be in touch.

With love and gratitude,

Ann Bromberg/Filmmaker

Dear Steve:
I would like to thank you for the nice magazine and all the work you done to contribute to this magnificent festival.
Claudia Fischer
Hey Steve,
I just wanted to thank you and your team for all of your work in the editorial room and beyond making our movie look great in print. It was a bummer I couldn’t make it to the festival this year – too many commitments here in LA to ditch for the week, but I was truly honored to win an award last weekend! I know our team had a great time as well.
Thanks again and hope to be back with my next film!
– Jon
Dear Steve , Loraine and all the staff of the 7th International Filmmaker Festival of World Cinema thank you for your welcome for me and my group.Thank you for your passion and for the ‘warmth’ (maybe is not correct) towards our movie.
Thank you for the Prize that make us so proud of our Work (more than before 🙂 ).

Steve –

Quick note to say thank you for all you’ve done in support of ‘Oracabessa’.

Really enjoyed meeting and interacting with you this week.

You’re a class act man (sentiment shared by many filmmakers I met this week).




Hello Carl,
I just wanted to let you know how happy, grateful, and ecstatic I am about being a part of your wonderful film festival in London last week. It was the best time I’ve had in a long time and I learned so much!
Thank you for the hospitality and for being able to draw such positive energy from across the globe in support of your amazing vision. I am truly honored and humbled by it all…
Happy New Year and Happy Spring-Hope to Catch You Soon!
With love and gusto,
Brooklyn Sabino-Smith

I believe I speak for all the attendees if I say that the mixture of family feel, warm welcome, utter professionalism and constant care to details (such as the cab episode on Friday morning which was SO kind and helpful, and I take the opportunity to also thank Dan for his assistance at street level) has been unanimously appreciated by everyone, and that it does make your Festival stand out. I was impressed by the warmth in each of the relationships built throughout the week, the supportiveness of the various people, regardless of whether anyone may have been competing in the same category or not, and the excellence of the work on display throughout the week.

Do you know that one of the things that amazed me is I realised on Awards night that there were an incredible number of films I had not had a chance to see…….

I also wanted to compliment the whole team on the Magazine publication, which really was a wonderful working tool.

I would like to thank the whole of the Festival Team, yourself, Adam, Steve, Dan, Roy, Laraine whom we were all sorry not to see, and all the others who worked so hard to make last week happen, for your warm welcome of IT’S NOT YOU, IT’S ME……….

Many thanks again for your warm welcome, and your introducing me to such lovely and interesting people throughout the week. You and your team all have the ability to make eveyone feel special, to provide a VIP treatment on an everyday base, and so this whole week has been most enjoyable and a happy experience throughout 🙂 Please pass on my thanks to everyone……

Kind regards,