Shadow of a Shadow

Feature Script
Writer: Alan Redpath

‘Shadow of a Shadow’ follows the adventures of a twenty three year old man named Harris. As a child he was forced to live with his alcoholic grandmother following the death of his single mother. Despite losing his childhood to his Grandmothers addiction, he found wonder and solace in the old French movies his mother had loved. Following the death of his Grandmother, he married a drug addict, but his inability to rescue another left him in a toxic relationship.
Fragmented memories of his deceased mother have now become adorned with romanticized thoughts of her perfection. In his search for idealism, he creates an imaginary life where cinema and reality become one and discovers a vision of feminine purity in an old French movie. Fuelled by his desire for the beautiful girl in the film, now more than twice his age, he embarks on a quest to find her in Paris.
Shadow of a shadow uses cinema as a reflective surface to expose our human need to connect to the past, to something magical and seemingly unobtainable. It explores loves illusory power and ability to deceive us into inventing fantasy from reality. It also stylistically challenges the social and moral boundaries of love when faced with the force of such a fantasy.

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