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She Objects
Nicola Fan

The Great Transmission
Barry Schieber

Bitbit – In Bitcoin We Trust
David Foox
Chadd Dorak
Megan Kennedy
Miriam Michael
Zachery Bryan

Nicholas Kovacic
Matthew Riggieri
Nate Pesce

I’ll Be Home
Sangrok Lee
Deok-Jae Lee
Myhung-han Rhee

Epigenetics. The Memory of the World in our Body
Giulia Germiniasi

Four Journeys
Dr Teresa Mular

Out Of Sight: Stop the Stigma, Start a Conversation
Kyle Mahaney
Aimee Bender
Jessie Minor

Power to Change – The Energy Rebllion
Carl-A. Fechner

That Way Madness Lies….
Sandra Luckow
Dewey Wigod
Abigail Disney
Regina Scully

Genes of our Fathers
Braam Ackermann

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