Scientific & Educational Award | Milan 2016

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What’s Going On with Wolves?
Eric Simon

Mustarinta – A Film About Koli
Jouni Räsänen
Heikki Oinonen

Yoga: The Divinity of Grace
Benoy Behl

Four Journeys
Dr Teresa Mular

Indian Deities Worshipped In Japan
Ministry of External Affairs, Government of India

Road To Hope
Mike Wargo

Kanu belong Keram
Museum der Kulturen Basel
Elizabeth Cox
Daniel von Rüdiger

Reza Abdoh, Theatre Visionary
Adam Soch

Biblical Conspiracies: Secrets of the Crucifixion
Simcha Jacobovici
Felix Golubev

El Zurdo, The Revenge of the Underdog
Roberto Cox

An Open Door
Noel M.Izon
Sharon DelMendo
Stacey Lee Brumbaugh

All They Know Is Shoot
Anike Bay

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