Scientific & Educational Award | Berlin 2016

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America Wild
Shaun MacGillivray

Of Shark and Man
David Diley

Power to Change – The Energy Rebellion
Carl-A. Fechner

Doing Nothing All Day – FREISTUNDE
Margarete Hentze
Yuval Tzafrir

The Muse is the Mountain
Teresa Mular

Glauco of Brazil
Letícia Friedrich
Zeca Brito

ʻĀINA: That Which Feeds Us
Josh Thome
Melahnie Moodie
Dave Mossop
Malcolm Sangster

Future Dreaming
Kaya Finlayson
Dinah Wakefield

Peppe Siffredi
Marcelo Mesquita
Nariana Moroni
Mariana Ricciardi
Marília Pellicciari
Mila Perle
Raphael Bottino

The C Word
Meghan L. O’Hara
Lori McCreary
Pascaline Servan-Schreiber

Choc’late Soldiers
Stacey Brumbaugh
Noel M.Izon
Gregory S.Cooke

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