14 min 39 sec
Drama, Horror

May Wong suffers in her life because of family violence: not only physical violence from her husband, Wing, but also from mental violence – because she knows that her husband has been cheating on her for a long while. She is resigned to thinking that her life will go on like this until she eventually dies a peaceful death.

However, the story starts to change when her hu

The first killing was an accident, but the second one isn’t.

May doesn’t hate her husband because she believes it was Phoebe who took her husband from her. May kills Phoebe and burns her place for revenge. Her personality changes when she leaves her daughter alone with the dead body in the fridge and goes to kill Phoebe alone because when she cut her husband into pieces is for protecting her daughter, but the second time is only for revenge. May ultimately turns evil because she is no longer protecting her or her daughter’s life.

By the last scene, May pretends nothing happened and cooks for her daughter. She thinks she has changed her life and she is going to become another person, but in the end she is still lying to herself and her daughter that everything is going to be better. This is a circulation of karma.

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