Losing Face

Feature Script
Writer: Lynne Alana Delaney

A screenplay by Lynne Alana Delaney
Based on a true story
An American in Beijing caught between her abusive husband and the legal system that supports him, wins victory for herself and her young children, creating a voice for all women in China.
Based on the true story of a young impressionable teacher on a research trip to China, Italian-American Kim Lee, is initially awed by the spectacle of the self-professed guru, Li Yang, and his ‘Crazy English’ approach to learning a second language. As their personal relationship changes and love develops, so does a professional collaboration, convincing Kim she should remain in China to be at Li’s side.
While the couple marry and their family grows, Li Yang’s ego expands in direct proportion to the huge popularity of his teaching method as they create a multi-million dollar business together. Gradually ignored personally and pushed aside professionally, Kim attempts to stand up for herself only to be physically abused by her husband.
Forced to face the reality that spousal abuse is common in China giving women little or no recourse, Kim must make tough decisions that affect her life, those of her daughters, and ultimately all women in China.
Armed only with her social media supporters, with no help from Li’s family and strong resistance from authorities, Kim fights to change the legal system in China. Her ultimate triumph is a victory not only for herself but for the prevention of Domestic Violence when she is granted the first ever divorce in China based on spousal abuse.

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