Unfortunately we do not. We will do everything we can to help independent Filmmakers but we don’t have the resources to allow free entry into any of our events. We understand that it’s a tough industry to break into and that on early projects the resources are a bit thin. All we can do is point you to our Testimonial page where we have real feedback from Filmmakers that have attended our events over the years. here you will see the benefit of attending our events and the connections you can potentially make.

We started as an English event in tenerife way back in 2005. The reason being that we had an affinity with the island and we could see the impact of the English film industry around the world. Since we have been open we have seen the rise of cinema in the native language of the locations that we operate in however we continue to see the influence of English speaking cinema around the world. We do everything we possibly can to champion film from any country, as is seen at any of our events where we have film from around the world, but we are a primarily English speaking event.

No. All films are judged before the event begins. We have a lot of films spread over multiple screening rooms with screening times running from late morning to the evening so it would be impossible for each judge to watch each film at the event. The only award that is judged during the event is the Audience Award, which is voted for by attending Filmmakers only.