Dancing with Nureyev

Short Film
Runtime: 15:41
Director: Abraham Heisler

Catalina is late to her audition with the American National Ballet. Hurrying down the studio hallway she becomes distracted by a Rudolf Nureyev poster, her childhood muse. Catalina attempts to learn the combinations for her audition and struggles to keep up. Her confidence is shaken.

Her muse Nureyev arrives to assure her of her passion for dance. He recalls the story of a 6-year-old Catalina smitten with him as she watches his impromptu street performance. Catalina imagines she’s with Nureyev dancing with wild joy in her home. Her bewildered parents arrive to discover her fantastic trail throughout the house.

At her local dance studio instructor and classmates are awed by her ability. Needing true training she goes to the California Academy of Ballet. There Catalina meets Madame Cartier who molds her with the most rigorous instruction. Catalina’s dancing becomes unique and she is ready to audition for the company.

In her audition her grace and training shine through. She is asked to perform solo. At first she is flawless. but begins to doubt. She reaches out, loses balance and stumbles. Devastated, Catalina is asked to leave.

She flees to a city park and weeps. Nureyev is there. In the park a cellist begins to play. Inspired Nureyev starts to dance and invites Catalina to join him. Hesitantly she does. Her passion is rediscovered and the dance ends with awed onlookers. The amazed cellist asks, ‘What company do you dance with?’ Catalina looks at Nureyev and smiles, confidence restored.

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