Best Short Film | Milan2016

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Closing time
Omid Pourhashemi

Michael Scherrer
Samuel Scherrer

Farewell My Bird
Ameneh Moghaddam

Lay It On Me
Sonja Mereu
Sylvia Saether
Dayo Harewood

Nick Long & David Youds

Pintu – a short film
Viktória Szemerédy

Christopher Cohen

Kiss of Death
Timothy Collins
Jillian Kibler
Tri Nguyen

Esquire Jauchem

Not Yet
Grazie Simões

Untitled Zombie Project
Alexander Ganey
Natalie Ganey

Beast or Raven
Andreas Anastasis

Bound for Greatness
Briana Morini

The Barber’s Cut
Mark Brocking
Caitlin Moore

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