Best Feature Film | Berlin IFF 2017

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Judith Escalona

The Gaelic Curse
Brian Walsh
Edwina Forkin

White Bee
Bhaskar Das
Anaz Ahmed

Halo: The Fall of Reach
Ian Kirby
Tina Sommerfield
Corrinne Robinson

You Have A Nice Flight
John Belcher
Jimmy Dinh

Atomic Eden
Fred Williamson & Jörn Zielke
Lorenzo Lamas
Nico Sentner
Kevin Zindler

Flowers and a Lap of Rose
Cut To Cut Productions

The Lurking Man
Maritza Brikisak

The Last Beautiful Girl
James Christopher
Grace Hathaway

The System
Keith Kelly

A Good Dream
Mahum Jamal
Nikolai Metin
Alena Svyatova

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