Best Feature Documentary | Nice IFF 2017

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The Big Secret
Alex Voss
Susan Downs

The Haitian Polo Documentary
Dj Scripz

The Last Gospel of the Pagan Babies
Jean Donohue
Fred Johnson

Summer in the Forest
Randall Wright

Healing Magdalene
Donna Valverde
Avis Richards

I Go Back Home – Jimmy Scott
Ralf Kemper
Donna Hall
Andrei Filip
Yoon Ha-Chang

Plant Codes, Unleashing Nature’s Healing Power
Valerie Van Cleve

Hitching a Ride on Entropy
RJon Robins
Alejandra Leibovich

That Way Madness Lies….
Sandra Luckow
Dewey Wigod
Abigail Disney
Regina Scully

The Hall of Giants: The Story of Fremont & the Troll
Michael Falcone

An Open Door
Noel M.Izon
Sharon Delmendo
Stacey Lee Brumbaugh

The Elements
Veronika Göttlichová

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