Best Comedy | Madrid IFF 2016

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Autumn Fall
Jan Vardøen

More Than God
Kev Cahill
Ali Coffey
Sorcha O’Beirne

Help Point
Nick Hudson

Kevin Lincoln

Game On
Jennie Crystle

Cliffton Hall
Chris Manitius
Angela Whitworth
Chris Kriesa
Gerald Webb

The Man From Death
Eric Raymond Lim
Stephen Reedy

House Broken
Heather Brittain O’Scanlon
Andy Peeke

Vania Nikolova

Jesus H. Heist
Benton Stephens

ACT/OR (to act or not to act)
Janka Berentz
Kitty Stark

Making it with Moraes – Wedding Cake
Paul S. Berry, MD
Marcelo Silva

Alireza Sadreddini

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