Baby Show

Runtime: 11 min 44 sec
Director: Michael Delaney

The Original BABY SHOW started in 1997 and ended in 2000 and aired on MNN in NYC is a weekly 30 min slot. 15 years later there back with all new material.

BABY SHOW features musically infused urban-edgy comedy skits, parodies, social commentary, retro centric ’90s references bits and crazy animation mixed with live action and voice-overs, all with NYC as the backdrop.
Creator DUB-L along with a core group of rouge musicians, rappers, artists, comedians, actors and special guests bring unfiltered points of view with ironic twists and urban dialect and imagery. This show is timed for a quarter hour T.V. slot (i.e.: adult swim, Tim & Eric, Black Jesus) and is fast paced for the short attention spanned.

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